21295_p.jpg 21291_p.jpg 21293_p.jpg 21294_p.jpg 21292_p.jpg 21297_p.jpg

A living doormat takes it as it comes, the girls don't always have only sneakers or flat boots on their feet. Today Miss Jane wears her sexy outfit, on her feet she wears pointed high heels and grace doesn't know her anyway. On the contrary, she enjoys pushing her heels into the flesh of the doormat, grinning and saying ``what does it hurt?''. She scratches with the heels over his skin and leaves beside the deep extinguishers of the heels also violent scratches. The slave suffers, but that's perfectly ok, he was born for it.

21336_p.jpg 21337_p.jpg 21334_p.jpg 21338_p.jpg 21335_p.jpg 21339_p.jpg

The slave gets a visit from his mistresses Miss Jane and Lady Chantal. His sparsely furnished apartment is checked by the two of them, after all he is only allowed to own the most necessary and must always worship his mistress by XXX pictures of her on the walls everywhere. His bedroom has to be kept very simple, and he has to share it with a rat. After a first look, the two of them settle contentedly on his sofa, put their feet up and order him to lick the dirty soles of their shoes cleanly. As a special surprise, Miss Jane finds a very dirty spot on Chantal's shoe, the slave is supposed to taste and say what it tastes like, then he has to scarify the stuck dirt slugs from the sole, use the toothpick to pull everything out of the grooves and of course eat everything. Miss Jane's boots are also very dirty, they also have to be cleaned with the tongue. Further parts of this film will follow here and on our sister site www.scat-movie-world.com

21210_p.jpg 21207_p.jpg 21209_p.jpg 21206_p.jpg 21208_p.jpg 21205_p.jpg

Miss Jane comes into the studio with her ready-made mules, the insoles are a little sticky and discolored, she has only walked around in these shoes at over 40 degrees for the last few weeks, so they look dirty and urgently need cleaning. The slave may start immediately, he licks the salty insoles and the dirty soles, while Jane spits on the shoes so that everything dissolves better. She also holds out her sweaty feet to him, he can lick them even clean, she commands nicely between the toes with her tongue, his face catches itself and on a cuff because he is such a loser.

20849_p.jpg 20851_p.jpg 20852_p.jpg 20850_p.jpg 20847_p.jpg 20848_p.jpg

A dream comes true for a slave who lies naked at the feet of Lady Chantal and Miss Jane. He is supposed to wank his cock while the girls spit in his mouth, but he doesn't finish because the girls always tell him something nasty. Jane takes advantage of the situation to clean an extremely dirty boot on his pissed-up mouth. The girls obviously enjoy not letting him get wiped off.

20516_p.jpg 20519_p.jpg 20518_p.jpg 20517_p.jpg 20520_p.jpg 20521_p.jpg

There he lies now, defencelessly trapped in the facebox, trapped in the girls' feet. Chantal and Jane use his face as a spittoon and to clean their dirty sneaker soles. Both of them stomp on his skull and wipe their soles on his tongue which he has to stick out. Chantal does it exactly as if there was only a scrubbing cloth there, brutally rubbing it with the profile over his tongue. He is constantly getting spit in the mouth and Jane gets her totally dirty soles even clean again. The doormat works very well, it also has to withstand the whole weight of the girls who put themselves on top of it for a long time. His skin then perfectly reflects the jagged pattern of the Superstars soles. The print is so deep, it was seen for hours. He had barely been able to breathe underneath her soles, but the girls didn't care about that at all, they just stood in his face and ignored his complaints.

20488_p.jpg 20489_p.jpg 20492_p.jpg 20491_p.jpg 20490_p.jpg 20487_p.jpg

Miss Jane comes in with dirty street shoes and wants to get her shoes licked clean. The slave sees the shit on her soles and refuses to execute the order. Jane only smiles and tells him that he will still beg her to clean her shoes, she only locks him with a glass of water in a cell and lets him starve. After a week she comes back, now she has high bright boots on her feet which are very dirty from the bad weather. There's still mud sticking to the edges and sole. She throws a baguette on the floor and wipes her soles clean, then a banana is added. Everything's gonna turn into a disgusting, filthy slop. She says there's gonna be some shit with her when she stepped in last night. Now the slave is allowed to get out of his cell and is very grateful to be allowed to eat all the slop from the ground and the boots.

20381_p.jpg 20382_p.jpg 20380_p.jpg 20383_p.jpg 20378_p.jpg 20379_p.jpg

Lady Domi, Miss Jane and Lady Chantal drive a slave in front of them, they kick him and use his body to overcome various muddy chaps. The slave has to put himself in the dirt-holes so that all three ladies can walk over it with dry feet. They use him as a truffle pig on a huge mud, he has to look for coins with his mouth and dig through. While he is sucking like a pig in the mud, the girls are rushing, kicking and trampling on him. He is just a slave pig who has to execute every order to amuse the girls.

20314_p.jpg 20312_p.jpg 20313_p.jpg 20315_p.jpg 20316_p.jpg 20317_p.jpg

Never place your balls in the hands of a true sadist who will use your helpless situation with utmost pleasure. Just like you can see in this clip. Lady Chantal holds his balls with one hand in the firm grip, the other forms them to the fist and strikes with full XXX. Again and again her joy increases from beat to beat. Then he gets her sneakers between his legs and lies at the end under her feet. She tramples on her victim and then calls him a wimp.

20224_p.jpg 20231_p.jpg 20228_p.jpg 20229_p.jpg 20226_p.jpg 20230_p.jpg

Lady Chantal takes the balls of the fixed slave and squeezes them until he suffers. Elaysa gives him a pair of blows with the XXX. Then he has to lie down at her feet and is stomped with very high heels. Both ladies stand with full weight on the heels and let their living carpet suffer painfully.

19981_p.jpg 19980_p.jpg 19977_p.jpg 19976_p.jpg 19975_p.jpg 19978_p.jpg

Some slaves manage it and are allowed to go to the Dangerous Girls. Chantal and Jane are already waiting in the studio as the new applicant comes in. The two girls have been on the road all day and their feet are sweaty. The slave should now lick the foot sweat and then the sneakers. After that, the girls trample and jump on him until they know if he is used for further services and imprisoned.

19742_p.jpg 19744_p.jpg 19747_p.jpg 19748_p.jpg 19746_p.jpg 19745_p.jpg

His genitals are at the feet of the girls, the slave is completely fixed, he can only watch as Miss Jane and Lady Chantal brutally hit his balls. The girls did not have any mercy, they tormented their screaming victim with lots of pleasure. Again and again the full weight of a lady weighs on his balls

19453_p.jpg 19454_p.jpg 19452_p.jpg 19455_p.jpg 19451_p.jpg 19450_p.jpg

Lady Chantal and Miss Jane do exercises, they go jogging through a forest until they hit a retiree, blocking their path - he basks in the middle of the path. Lady Chantal and Miss Jane do not surround the old man, they just run over him, ramming their sports shoes into his stomach. Then he is kicked also, the girls say that he deserves nothing better when he lies down in the middle of the road. In the end the girls take off their shoes and let the retiree lick their sweaty feet - even between the toes he licks the dirt and sweat away completely.

19598_p.jpg 19595_p.jpg 19594_p.jpg 19593_p.jpg 19596_p.jpg 19597_p.jpg

Look at how two young pretty girls compel their victims to eat fast food mixed with dirt and snot which they trample under their Nike Air Max and Converse sneakers. While one girl stuffs the mud with her dirty shoes into his mouth, the other Jumps around on his stomach. He shall eat lots of dirt! He is fully spit at and trampled. The girls like to see him suffering and lying XXX at their feet. A very nasty feeding with a lot of dirt and snot.

19299_p.jpg 19296_p.jpg 19301_p.jpg 19298_p.jpg 19300_p.jpg 19297_p.jpg

A slave has the order to clean the shoes and especially the soles with his tongue. For Chantal, Cherie and Jane their slaves have to do constantly a normal service. The girls see immediately, how bad this lousy service is done by the today's slaves - they get upset and kick down the loser. All three trample him, his hands are buried literally under their feet and Chantal turns on his skull. They beat and kick him as long until the delinquent almost lies motionless on the ground.

19271_p.jpg 19269_p.jpg 19268_p.jpg 19272_p.jpg 19273_p.jpg 19270_p.jpg

It's feeding time for the imprisoned slaves. Miss Jane opens a can of canned food, pours it on a rubber mat and puts a pair of sausages to. She garnished the feeding with a little spit, then she stands with her coarse profiled boots in the middle of this meal. With these boots she was at a construction site which crosses still adhered some dirt under her feet. The slave may now lick the dirty-mush between her boots, Jane smokes and smashes his food even further. Then he has to lick the boots while she is standing, later lying comfortably. It is extremely difficult for the slaves tongue to clean the deep boot profile. Jane pays great attention to cleanliness, she checks again his work and it takes long until both soles are cleaned.

18895_p.jpg 18897_p.jpg 18900_p.jpg 18896_p.jpg 18899_p.jpg 18898_p.jpg

Miss Jane is very dissatisfied about her slave - even a short quiet conversation between her and the naked on the floor lying slave does not change this. So Jane teaches respect to her slave with her rough profile boots. First she only walks beside him, but now she steps with her full weight onto him, while rotating her feet to cause severe pain with her deep profiled soles. He is crying and complaining, but she spits in his face, what he acknowledges with 'Thank you Mistress'.

18857_p.jpg 18861_p.jpg 18855_p.jpg 18858_p.jpg 18856_p.jpg 18859_p.jpg

Lady Chantal wants to treat herself with a relaxing massage, so she stretches her feet in the slave dungeons and expects a soothing massage from the slave. After a short time it has incensed notice that the loser has no idea how to treat the blessed feet of a Lady. She decides to give him a cruel lesson. Without any pity for his pain she tramples with High Heels on him around, he screams and wails, Chantal takes amused notice of his pain and rams her heels next to his body while she insulted him. He should have learned better how he treat her feet, now it's too late.

18842_p.jpg 18847_p.jpg 18840_p.jpg 18845_p.jpg 18839_p.jpg 18841_p.jpg

The Dangerous Girls Jane and Cherie have a particularly nasty idea for their slave. They crush its current meal with their Nike Air Max shoes on the road, the milk bar is glued afterwards to the profile of the shoes and takes all the dirt from the road on the run by the girls. At home both put their feet on the table and instruct the slave to lick his meal from their now completely dirty shoe soles. Miss Jane has even a small addition for him through her chewed gum stuck now also under her shoes. While he licks, the Girls talk about him and tell, that he is too stupid to eat and spit repeatedly on the dirty shoes. After he has licked up all the dirt that has fallen from the shoes, he even has to clean the doormat with his tongue.

18852_p.jpg 18854_p.jpg 18849_p.jpg 18853_p.jpg 18850_p.jpg 18848_p.jpg

With dangerous high heels on her sexy feet, Miss Jane steps onto a naked slave. His whimpering, screaming and moaning brings her up to full speed, she violently drills her heels in its body, while she laughs and commands at him not to whine. He tries repeatedly to save himself and wants to draw her heels out of his skin which, however, is meaningless because she steps with full weight on him. While she sits on him, she spits repeatedly into his open mouth and amused as he pleads screaming for deliverance.

18815_p.jpg 18814_p.jpg 18811_p.jpg 18813_p.jpg 18810_p.jpg 18812_p.jpg

Miss Cherie puts on her high heels to punish a thief, his manacled hands are mistreated in the agony of Miss Cherie. She repeatedly kicks with the soles and high heels on them, he screams in pain and hopes that his fingers while not break. Even his cock must be laid at her feet and is trampled.